Our Story



            Silkenn was created to assist in self confidence and empower everyone to be the best versions of themselves. We realize that getting the skin we desire requires a self care commitment. It was our top priority to create a product that could make a true difference in your wellbeing and support your health. Silkenn is particularly formulated with a water base free of harsh chemicals. Water is an essential factor when it comes to any skin care routine and is the exact reason why Silkenn is safe for all skin types. Using a dynamic blend of earth clays, we created a product that not only removes toxins and pollutants, but also prevents moisture loss enhancing the skin’s natural glow. Our goal with Silkenn is to change the narrative around healthy skin and transform skin care into a self care experience. We hope that each use of Silkenn allows time to reconnect with your inner being and focus on things that bring you peace. Healthy skin is happy skin and happy skin is beautiful skin!