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We’re are very excited to offer you our new 60 Day #FREETHESKIN: SELF CARE CHALLENGE! This challenge is designed to help you take control of your life starting from the inside and out. Including weekly challenges, live meetings, daily checklists and more! Together we want to help everyone feel confident in their own skin.

Register today for FREE below & join our growing community of likeminded individuals looking to make a change for themselves! 

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Why You Need This Challenge

When joining The 60 Day Challenge, you will be joining a supportive community of women who are all looking to grow and bloom for the same reasons as you. This challenge is designed to empower YOU to dream big, set big goals, achieve those goals and live outside your comfort zone!

You will get expert advice and ongoing support from our community to push you further because we believe that every woman deserves to feel beautiful in her skin. And if you've read this far you are ready to take this step so let us help you get there. 

Jacintha McKinsey

Silkenns 60 day challenge was an eye opener for me. I've always tried to do online challenges but there were never realistic. I was so close to giving up on myself until I found Erika and her Silkenn self care movement. I will never look back. 

09 Jan, 2023

Nicole Smith

The Silkenn clay mask is AMAZING and the 60 day challenge is the perfect addition to it. I've alway been a Silken clay mask user but now I am a #freetheskin believer. I've gone from drinking MAYBE 2 cups of water a day, to finishing 2 water bottles with ease. I really can't thanks this community enough, its become part of my lifestyle.  

09 Dec, 2022

A Message From The Owner Herself...

Our mission is simple - to transform surface level insecurities into full-blown self confidence.

At Silkenn, we promise to always offer safe, effective, and life-changing products and experiences that can help you thrive in any environment, to become the truest version of yourself. 

Soo.... Let's Crush Our Goals Together! 


Have questions? We’re here to help

Q. How do I make up my pledge?

A. We encourage our challenge members to pledge and drink around half an ounce of water for each pound they weigh, every day. However pick an amount that you are comfortable with! 

Q. Can I join the challenge even if I’m late?

A. Of course! Fill out your pledge card, introduce yourself to the group, and jump right in!

Q. I cannot print the pledge card, can I still join?

A. Sure! You can fill out the pledge card digitally as well.

Q. Can I still join the challenge even if I do not have any Silkenn products?

A. Most definitely! The purpose of this challenge is to get plugged into a community that will support you on your self care journey.

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